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About the Artist and Volunteer Organizers

Susan Geissler

Susan is one of the foremost sculptors in America and is recognized for her excellence in creating realism, facial expressions and tableaus in both small and large scale bronze.  A "hometown girl" Susan grew up in Lewiston, New York, and has received commissions from dozens of organizations, including Disney and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.  She was the artist for the Freedom Crossing Monument which is located on the Lewiston waterfront.  You can see it here.

Lee Simonson

Lee has been a volunteer for the Historical Association of Lewiston for the past 8 years and is the director of the 1812 Bicentennial programming, including the Tuscarora Heroes Monument.  He is the past president of the Historical Association, and was the volunteer director of the Freedom Crossing Monument project which unveiled in October 2009.  When he's not busy managing his own small business, he is planning and raising funds for his projects.

Bruce Sutherland


After traveling the world as a career military officer (he is a retired Air Force Colonel), Bruce settled back in his hometown of Lewiston, NY. Today he serves as the volunteer president of the Historical Association and also as a Village Trustee.  When he is not playing golf, he is up to his neck managing 1812 and many other village civic projects.

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